Pencak Silat Federation
United Kingdom

Gerak Ilham

Gerak Ilham is an Indonesian martial art organisation founded by the late Grand Master Bapak Joenoes Machmoed. It is based in South Sulawesi in Eastern Indonesia and is an organisation that embraces various traditional Bugis and Makassar Pencak Silat from both within and outside South Sulawesi. It seeks to preserve, develop and promote the warrior traditions of this region of Indonesia, both nationally and internationally. Gerak Ilham has branches in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and the UK.

The UK branch was established in 1976 by Mr. Aidinal Alrashid (Deputy and chief representative of the Grand Master) who is also in charge of Gerak Ilham activities worldwide. With the sad passing of the Grand Master, Bapak Joenoes Machmoed, in South Sulawesi in September 1999, Bapak Alrashid has become the de-facto Grand Master of the organisation. The advisers of Gerak Ilham are Bapak Haji Osman Balo and Bapak Haji Halil, both of whom are leading public figures in South Sulawesi.

Perisai Diri

Perisai Diri (PD) is an Indonesian Silat organisation that combines different methods of combat from various ethno-cultural sources of the Indonesian archipelago. It was established in 1955 with the inspiration and leadership of Bapak R.M.S. Dirdjoatmodjo of Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Today Perisai Diri is one of the leading Silat organisations in Indonesia and around the world. The UK perguruan is lead by Otto Soeharjono MS, who has been appointed as a chief representative of Keluarga Silat Nasional Indonesia Perisai Diri in the United Kingdom and Ireland.