Pencak Silat Federation
United Kingdom

Silat Federations Around The World

PERSILAT - Persekutuan Pencak Silat Antarabangsa (International Pencak Silat Federation) the world governing body that coordinates the worldwide activities of SILAT in all its member countries. All the associations listed here are the only SILAT bodies officially recognised and approved by Persilat.

EPSF - European Pencak Silat Federation the regional body that coordinates the Pencak Silat activities within Europe, currently comprising 8 European member countries ( Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland,Russia and United Kingdom ).

PERSILAT member countries are listed here according to the region. The links on this page are constantly updated. If a National Silat Federation has a link that has not been published please contact us by sending an email to

World Map
Europe South East Asia and Asia Americas Middle East Australia
Austria India USA Palestine Australia
Belgium Japan Canada Yemen
France Laos Suriname
Germany Myanmar
Netherlands Nepal
Italy Philippnes
Spain Thailand
Switzerland Vietnam
Turkey Indonesia
Russia Malaysia
United Kingdom Singapore
Brunai Darussalam