Pencak Silat Federation
United Kingdom


Competitions present an opportunity to develop and promote Pencak Silat in its different aspects: sports, arts and self-defence, and are held in an atmosphere of brotherhood, and good sportsmanship, upholding the highest of Pencak Silat values.

Pencak Silat Championships are held at national, regional and international levels, and must be conducted in accordance with the Competition Rules and Regulations of the International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT).

In a National Championship, individual clubs within a country compete against each other. If a competition at national level is open to competitors from other countries it’s termed an Open Championship. A National or Open Championship is organised by the national Pencak Silat federation, in co-operation with PERSILAT.

Regional Championships are held every two years, hosting the competition usually rotates between the various countries of a region, and the competition is open to national teams from the countries of that region. If competitors from countries outside the region are invited to take part, the competition is termed an Open Championship (e.g. European Championships). Regional Championships are organised by the Regional Pencak Silat Federation, in co-operation with the regional federation (e.g. European Pencak Silat Federation) and withPERSILAT.

The World Championships take place every two years and are usually held in one of the founder member countries of PERSILAT: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam.

PERSILAT’s competition rules and regulations stipulate that only registered members of PERSILAT can participate in Regional and World Championships, i.e. all competitors must be members of a Pencak Silat school that is registered with the national federation. Pencak Silat competitions are classified according to age and sex, i.e. the age range for Pre Junior competitions is from 12- 14 years, for Junior Competitors from 14-17 years, and for Adult Competitors from 17-40 years.

Competitions consist of one or more of the following categories:

TANDING (also called Olahraga)

A full contact fight (empty handed) between two competitors from different teams wearing body protectors. Punches and kicks are allowed to the chest, stomach, ribs and back but strikes to the groin, spine and head are not allowed. Each fight consists of 3 rounds of 2 minutes each, and the winner is determined by the number of points gained. The scoring system for punches, blocks, kicks & take-downs follows PERSILAT rules. The winner of each round goes on to compete in the next round until the final winner has been decided.

The weight categories in the adult Tanding competitions are:

Class (Male) Weight (Kg) Class (Female) Weight (Kg)
A 45 - 50 A 45 - 50
B 50 - 55 B 50 - 55
C 55 - 60 C 55 - 60
D 60 - 65 D 60 - 65
E 65 - 70 E 65 - 70
F 70 - 75 F 70 - 75
G 75 - 80 G 75 - 80
H 80 - 85 Open 80 - 90
I 85 - 90
J 90 - 95
Open 95 - 100

JURUS REGU (Team Seni category)

Three competitors of the same team demonstrate their Silat skill by executing the compulsory team jurus. Like the Jurus Tunggal this Jurus consists of pre-determined movements, and was developed by PERSILAT to include techniques derived from different styles of Silat. The team must complete their performance in exactly 3 minutes, with points being awarded for skill and, crucially with this jurus, the accuracy of technique and precision of timing between the three pesilat as a team. The highest scoring team will be the winners of this category.

Regu Male Regu Female

JURUS TUNGGAL (Single Seni category)

This category is for a single competitor (pesilat) performing a pre-determined set of movements (jurus), consisting of an unarmed section, a section armed with a machete (golok) and a third section armed with a staff (tongkat). The Jurus Tunggal was developed by PERSILAT and includes movements from many different Silat styles. The whole performance must be finished in exactly 3 minutes, and points are awarded according to the persilat’s skill, accuracy of technique and precision of timing. The highest scorer in each round goes on to compete in the next round, until an overall winner is declared.

Tunggal Empty Hand Tunggal Golok Tunggal Tungkat

JURUS GANDA (Double Seni category)

In this category two pesilat of the same team demonstrate their Silat skills by executing a pre-determined fighting sequence involving attack and defence, and can performed either empty-handed or with weapons. This Jurus differs from the Jurus Tunggal and Regu as the Team choreographs the moves. Again the whole performance must be completed within 3 minutes, and points are awarded for execution of technique and precision of timing, but the inventiveness of the sequence, and how it allows the pesilat to demonstrate their skill will also influence the scoring. The team with the most points will be declared champions.

Jurus Ganda with Weapons Jurus Ganda Empty Hand